Last day on Kickstarter!

Hi friends, family and fans!

It is now the final day of our Kickstarter campaign. We have reached our goal; there will be a printed album and we are very excited to get the printing process started as soon as possible! If you know anyone who is interested but still have not pledged, now is the time! The campaign ends at 8pm CET tomorrow (Wednesday) and is your last chance to get the album for discounted price (120SEK) as well as getting it shipped before anyone else, so hurry over to the Kickstarter page and pledge right now!

What about the vinyl and T-shirt?

Unfortunately we have not reached our stretch goals, so there won’t be a T-shirt, bonus track or a vinyl version of the album, at least not at this point in time. For those of you who have pledged Believer or higher (500SEK or more), we will add the option for you to instead get a 5-pack of the album, so that you can pass it forward to friends, family, local venues or radio stations or whatever you feel is an appropriate use of these extra CDs. We will of course also let all of our backers now if we revisit the idea of these exclusive items in the future, as well as other Structural Disorder-related news.

Thank You all so much for Your support, it’s been a blast!
/ Markus, Erik, Karl, Johannes, Hjalmar


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