Album cover

1. Desert rain
2. Someone to save
3. Silence
4. The Herculean tree
5. Lightbulb lover
6. Pyrene
7. Drifting

Markus Tälth – lead vocals, guitars, backing vocals on Pyrene
Johannes West – accordion, backing vocals, lead vocals on Pyrene
Hjalmar Birgersson – guitars, piano, keyboards, backing vocals
Erik Arkö – bass, backing vocals
Karl Björk – drums

Produced, engineered and mixed by Jocke Skog
Mastered by Cutting Room

Released 25/2 2016 on Lion Music


”Each of the compositions is a musical feast for the ears.” – Artur Chachlowski, http://www.mlwz.pl/

”Här finns tyngd, brutalitet, teknisk virtuositet, lugn, harmoni och stämning blandat om varandra på ett grymt bra sätt.” – Staffan Vässmar, artrock.se – 9,5/10

”[…] a very strong album that has impressed me no end and which definitely won’t fade into the furthest recesses of my mind anytime soon.” – Matt Spall, manofmuchmetal.wordpress.com – 8,25/10

”I would suggest any fan of good prog or prog metal to give these guys a spin.” Lonestar, ladyobscure.com, 9/10

“I remember favourably reviewing Structural Disorder’s first album so I was curious to hear the progressive metal groups follow up. […] Distance is the new album and the band have clearly developed their sound somewhat since and the result is an even more appealing album.”
seaoftranquility.org, 4/5

”If you’ve ever wondered how many more boundaries progressive bands can break, I think we’ve found another one here” – www.progmetalzone.com

“Distance är ett album som avtäcker nya intressanta lager vid varje lyssning” – Daniel Reichberg, Sweden Rock Magazine – 7/10