The Edge of Sanity

structural disorder progressive metal sweden

Cold, pale walls trapping me inside. Separating me from the world most efficiently. And on some plane, deep down, I know that this is how it has to be. But there are so many questions, and the answers are all out of reach. Since time does not exist here, I am trapped alone, with nothing but questions and the eternity to think about it.

However, I might not be completely alone. There is someone else here, not to be seen but always present, somewhere in the background. A force not to be reasoned with. And there is also memories, of her, and our life together, the magic moments like monuments among ruins. I see her, I can still hear her when I close my eyes. Sometimes I can almost touch her.

Then, sometimes, I am raging. Then they come with sedatives, thus preventing me from expressing the one thing that I am sure is real and genuine. And it disrupts my sleep, making it synthetic and hollow. Burn these walls down. Give me a chance to complete the circle, reach clarity, move on. Let me face my past, end this nightmare somehow. Wash my hands, forgive my sins.

Free my soul from this sickened mind.


1. I 1:18 (0:16)
2. Rebirth (4:26)
3. Peace of Mind (4:27)
4. The Longing and the Chokehold (8:58)
5. Funeral Bells (4:51)
6. Sleep on Aripiprazol (6:08)
7. Corpse Candles (10:19)
8. Child in the Ocean 04:46
9. Sins Like Scarlet (1:32)
10. The Fallen (6:57)
11. But a Painting (1:21)
12. Pale Dresses Masses (5:05)
13. The Edge of Sanity (11:04)

Produced and mixed by Scott Crocker
Released February 4th 2014, self-released

Listen to The Edge of Sanity:


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